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  • My 10+ page workbook and ebook that walks you through the steps I used to finally find food freedom. Pssst! In here you'll learn the 3 powerful ways to create a healthy, happy relationship with food.
  • Exactly how to recover from any food binge with my Binge Eating Recovery Workbook.
  • My Mindfulness in 3-2-1 Workbook where we'll break down how to create a simple approach to mindfulness that actually works for YOU.
  • My Gut Health and IBS Protocol, which I used to figure out my food sensitivities and heal my IBS-C.
  • A step by step guide to customizing the paleo diet (or any real food diet) *without* restricting yourself with food rules.
  • A mini workbook called Break The Sugar Binging Cycle that will help you get started on taking control of sugar so it doesn’t take control of you.
  • My Social Media Detox workbook to create a happy and healthy relationship with social media (because that absolutely impacts your relationship wth food!)
  • A Fasting Workbook to determine if you're making some crucial fasting mistakes (of course, only if fasting has been an issue in your relationship with food).
  • A powerful workbook called Embracing Your Obsession - to help you turn that unhealthy obssession into a healthy passion (because you know it happens super easily when you're interested in health and fitness).
  • My Self Love Checklist with 3 daily self love practices you need to love your body, plus how to start them right now.

What You'll Learn

  • A simple, holistic approach to healing your relationship with food that you can start ASAP.
  • The protocol I followed to put an end to a lifetime of binge eating.
  • The powerful difference between mindfulness and healthy eating (yeah, totally not the same thing!)
  • How to heal you gut and IBS with my essential food sensitivity and stress management strategies.
  • How to customize a real food diet without creating restrictive habits.
  • What you need to do to stop binging on sugar and why those sweet desserts keep calling your name even when you tell them to stop.
  • How to stop your social media habits from working against your healthy lifestyle. 
  • The most dangerous part of intermittent fasting for women and how to avoid the major mistakes.
  • How to turn your obsession with food and health back into a healthy passion that makes you happy. 
  • The 3 daily self love practices you can do to start loving yourself (and your body) right now.

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I'm Bree! A holistic health coach helping women crush restrictive dieting for LIFE! 

I'll teach you how I broke free from 10 years of disordered eating (binge eating, restrictive dieting, and orthorexia), learned to accept my body, and created a happy AND healthy relationship with all foods.  

I've created a community of over 2,000 women and I'm absolutely ready to help YOU create the Food Freedom of your dreams! Let's get started!

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